Right now I’m working on posting the surnames in which I’m most interested. You can see those below. In case you got here because of any of the locations in which my ancestors congregated, I’ve also included lists of people by those predominant Geographic Areas.

I've traced quite a few of my family lines and my wife's back five to ten generations. Obviously I have details on quite a few more surnames than you see listed below. I'll add others whenever "I get a round tuit". But if you see a name or location that you might be connected to, please get in touch with me

If you want to get REALLY covered up in surnames, all the families I've uncovered in my ancestry and my wife's are listed on my GED SURNAME PAGE.


Nicholas Bonham, d. 1684, Piscataway, New Jersey. Through his wife, Hannah Fuller, this is my link back to an original Mayflower Pilgrim, Samuel Fuller. Well, actually it’s my wife’s link.


Thomas Cain, b. ca. 1819 in Ireland. His daughter, Sarah, married into the Gallagher family and settled in Champaign Co., Illinois


Joseph Fox, b. 1845, Glinton, Cambridgeshire, England. American Civil War veteran who resided in Delaware County, Indiana. I have a picture of his mother, Ann M. Sendall (Essam) Fox in my photo collection.


Florence James Gallagher, b. 1829 in Ireland -- and I’d really love to know where in Ireland. I’ve collected lots of things on the ancestors of three of my grandparents. It’s my Gallagher line that I’ve never been able to make any progress on. That line of my family is made up of 1850’s era Potato Famine immigrants. Any tips on this group will be greatly appreciated.


Patrick Justice, b. 1792; maybe in North Carolina, maybe in Maryland. He moved a lot when he was young and may not have known his actual place of birth. He died in 1859 in Delaware County, Indiana.


Meredith McCormick, b. ca. 1818 in Tennessee. A Confederate Civil War veteran from Lawrence County, Kentucky. There’s no record of him after the Civil War that I’ve been able to find. My guess is that he died during the war or possible disappeared out west somewhere. If you know him, please get in touch!! Just send e-mail to GlenGallagher


David Murray, b. 1803 in Pennsylvania. He and his descendants are basically residents of Miami County, Ohio. His paternal grandfather was a British soldier in the Revolutionary War. His maternal grandfather was a Hessian soldier in the war. He’s also the source of my middle name, so this is a line in which I’m especially interested. I also have some nice pictures of his daughter, Susannah (Murray) Ullery, born in Miami County, Ohio in 1844.


John Thompson was born ca. 1775 and died in 1852 in Wayne County, WV. His father was Richard Thompson who may have come from Halifax County, N.C. The Thompson's are part of my very large collection of ancestors who lived around Wayne County, WV. Related family lines are Ball, Wilson, McCormick, Jarrett and Jarrell.

I have a lot of information and several "loose ends" related to the life of Richard Thompson (1742-1830). I'm compiling them all in one place in the event that other descendants or Richard might use or add to what I've collected.


Jacob Ullery was born in 1772 in Washington County, Maryland. He lived most of his life and died in Miami County, Ohio. His death occurred in 1847. There was another Jacob Ullery in the area, and they both had large families. That's made this kind of a tanlged up group to research.


My 5th-great grandfather, James P. Wilson (1767-1857)was the head of a large family of Wilson's and related families that lived around Wayne Co., WV and Lawrence Co., KY. After my own last name, Gallagher, I've always felt kind of like a Wilson next since James Wilson is the father of three of my 4th great-grandparents, Delila (Wilson) Bartram, Alexander Wilson, and Charles Wilson. Fortunately a couple of generations went by before these lines inter-married!! 

Here's some of the information I have on my Wilson Ancestors

If you have questions or comments, please send an email to Glen Gallagher