Richard Thompson


Civil Records

This list identifies various civil records which I'm using to try to sort out Richard Thompson and his family.

  • John Thomson Deed - Bertie Co., N.C. - 1739/40
  • Purchase of Lot 70 in Town of Halifax by John Thompson, June 1758
  • Will of John Tomson - Halifax Co., N.C. - 1760

  • The land from John Tomson's will. In the will above, John Tomson deeded 640 acres to his sons and a friend. This record tracks the disposition of that land over the years.
  • Will of William Riddle Hurst Thompson Halifax Co., N.C. - 1770
  • Lot No. 9 in Town of Halifax - Several deeds from 1772 to 1785 identify the wife of John Thompson as Elizabeth Thompson. The deeds also refer to Peter Thompson, but the relation is not stated.
  • The Quankey Creek property.Richard Thompson & Sarah his wife deed land to John Gray - Halifax County, 1777.

    What family is this? I have no other references to a Richard and Sarah Thompson. I don't yet know whether this is another Richard Thompson, or perhaps one of multiple wives of one of the other Richards that are in the records.

    The four different transactions involving this piece of property document activity between Richard Thompson and his wife Sarah with a John Thompson and his wife Priscilla. I'd really like to know how this John and Richard are related, if they are.

    This land was deeded to John Gray for 25 pounds proclamation money on 27 December 1777. Then on 11 October 1779, John Gray sold the same 100 acres back to Richard Thompson for 600 pounds. That seems like an enormous difference in value unless "proclamation" money has some special economic significance. In both transactions, the land was described as 100 acres, joining Phillip Corlew and Watery Branch.

  • John Purnal land deed mentioning "Thompson, dec'd" -- 1779
  • Richard Head deed referring to John Thompson, dec'd. - 1783
  • Will of Elizabeth Thompson, wife of John Thompson. Edgecombe County, NC. 1792

    This will reveals Elizabeth's maiden name as HALL and supports the fact that her husband John was "exiled".

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