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Deposition of Richard Thomson

Lawrence County, Kentucky - 1822

Richard Thomson, aged about 80 years of Lawrence County, Kentucky, states that he was well acquainted with Edward Burgess of Lawrence County, who made his original declaration for a pension on the 15th day of June, 1818, and that now makes another application for a pension this being the 16th day of September, 1822, and that the said Edward Burgess was in the Revolutionary War in the service of the United States under the command of Colonel Abraham Bluford, and this deponent states that he left the said Burgess in the service of the United States, when he himself was discharged from the army, and the this deponant always understood that the said Burgess served out his full time of enlistment.

Richard Thomson

(his mark)

What can be learned from this deposition?

  1. Richard Thomson was born about 1742. He gave his age as approximately 80 years when the deposition was made in 1822.
  2. Richard served under the command of Abraham Bluford.

Things "TO DO" based on the content of this deposition:

  1. Locate records related to Abraham Bluford's command.
    If there are records available related to this specific unit or command, they may shed more light on Richard Thompson's life.

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