Richard Thompson


In this section of my web site, I've collected the information I have related to my ancestor Richard Thompson (1742-1830). Tracing him has been somewhat difficult due to the fact that he does have a fairly commonly found name, and because his family seems to have been on the move a lot between 1770 and 1800.

This Richard Thompson was probably born in Virginia in 1742. During the period from about 1750 until around 1800 his relatives seem to have lived in Halifax County, N.C. They appear for a few years then in western Virginia before migrating to the Lawrence County, KY and Wayne County, WV area. My grandmother, Florence (THOMPSON) ULLERY was born in Wayne County.

If you have questions about the information you find here, or you can add to it, please get in touch with me via e-mail at GlenGallagher.


DESCENDANTS -These are the descendants I've identified for Richard Thompson. I'll gladly accept corrections or additions to this information.

LINKS -As I find sites helpful to my Thompson research I'm grouping them together on my "Links" page.

MILITARY RECORDS -There are various references to "Richard Thompson's" during the Revolutionary War. I'll post the ones I have here in hopes of gathering information that will help me determine which of these records apply to "my" Richard.Page updated August 8, 1999

CIVIL RECORDS These are the records I've located which mention Richard Thompson, or his family members, in various courthouse records where he lived. Page updated: January 9, 1999

BRITISH LOYALISTS?? - Official records of the State of North Carolina indicate that some of the Thompsons in Halifax County were British Loyalists. I'll post that information here. I'm curious as to whether these records apply to any of "my" Thompsons, and whether this may explain why the family seems to have headed west at the end of the American Revolution. Although I know for a fact that "my" Richard served in the Revolution, is it possible that tensions in the family influenced their migration westward? Could a split like that have been related to all the litigation which later took place among the various Thompson's who lived in Russell County, Virginia?