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Thompson Family Quankey Creek Land (1777- 1794)

Halifax Co., NC

In December, 1777 Richard and Sarah Thompson sold a piece of land to John Gray. The land changed hands three more times in the next 17 years. The transactions indicate some sort of connection between Richard Thompson and his wife, Sarah and a John Thompson and his wife, Priscilla.

I don't yet know if there's any relationship between this John and Richard. If you happen to be able to shed any light on these families, please send e-mail to GlenGallagher.


Described below are four separate transactions. I'm assuming that these deal with the same piece of property. If you read the land descriptions which I took from the deed abstracts, you'll see that the four descriptions are very similar.

  1. December 27, 1777

    Richard Thompson and his wife Sarah to John Gray. 100 acres joining Phillip Corlew, Watery Branch. Sold for 25 pounds proclamation money.

  2. October 11, 1779

    John Gray and Elizabeth his wife to Richard Thompson. 100 acres joining Phillip Corlew, Watery Branch, McCulloch's Road, Charles Roan(?). Sold for 600 pounds.

  3. February 2, 1788

    Richard Thompson and his wife, Sarah to John Thompson. 90 acres where John Gray had lived on south side of Quankey Creek, joining Watery Branch, McCulloch's Road, Jesse Roan. Sold for 40 pounds specie money.

    The land parcel is just 90 acres in this transaction, but it still sounds like the same land.

  4. November 29, 1794

    John Thompson and his wife, Priscilla to John Purnal. 100 acres on the south side of Quankey Creek, joining Watry Branch, Thomas Williams, Jesse Roan. Sold for 60 pounds Virginia.


What can be learned from this deed?

  1. This deed establishes a connection between Richard and John Thompson.
  2. This deed MAY indicate that there were even MORE Richards and Johns in Halifax County than I had previously supposed.

    Their respective wives, Sarah and Priscilla, don't fit it with other families I've come across yet. Of course it is possible that Richard and John may have had multiple wives over a period of years.


Things "TO DO" based on the content of these deeds:

  1. Find out how Richard Thompson first acquired this property.

    I've looked through the deed abstracts back through 1758 and haven't yet found a record showing how the land came into Richard's possession.

  2. Investigate the two named wives, Sarah and Priscilla

    Perhaps references to them in wills or other deeds will explain more about this family.

    If you have questions about the information you find here, or you can add to it, please get in touch with me via e-mail at GlenGallagher.

    These records come from a book published by Dr. Stephen Bradley on Halifax County, NC deeds.


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