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John Purnal Property (1779)

Halifax Co., NC

In December, 1779 John Purnal bought a piece of land from Jesse Dickson. This land had previously been owned by John Thompson. Tracing this land back in time may help establish the names of other Thompsons related to this particular John Thompson.

One interesting fact about this piece of property is that for at least seven years after John Thompson had died, the land was still referred to as "Thompson's" land. The county clerk might have more obvioulsy referred to the land by its contemporary owner, but he chose to refer back to John Thompson. I believe this suggests that this John Thompson had been somewhat prominent in the county, or had owned the land for quite a long time. Hopefully further research will help confirm this theory.


  1. December 29, 1779

    Jesse Dickson of Halifax County to John Purnal of same. 5000 pounds. 200 acres which had belonged to JOHN THOMPSON, dec., joining MEAD, MERICK, THOMPSON,Indian Branch, TREW, BRUCE'S former line. 200 acres which had been conveyed from Thomas Pace to Charles Pasteur...

  2. August 19, 1772

    Thomas Pace of Halifax Co., to Charles Pasteur of Town of Halifax. 200 pounds proclamation money. 200 acres which had belonged to JOHN THOMPSON, dec'd, joining MEAD, MYRICK, THOMPSON, Indian Branch, Trent, BRUCE's old line. 200 acres joining PETER BRUCE'S old line.

  3. September 1, 1767

    Richard THOMPSON of Halifax Co. to Thomas Pace of same. 44 pounds 5 shillings proclamation money. 200 acres which was part of land which had belonged to John THOMPSON dec'd., joining MEAD, MYRICK, Indian Branch, TRENT, BRUISE.

    Richard Thompson (x)

    Wit: Phillip Corlew, Thomas Hawkins, William Thompson


What can be learned from this deed?

  1. This deed establishes a connection between Richard and John Thompson.
  2. This deed contains one of several connections between the Thompsons and Peter Bruce/Bruice.


Things "TO DO" based on the content of these deeds:

  1. Investigate prior transactions involving this property

    After obtaining another Halifax County deed abstract book, I should be able to trace this land back to the time that it left John Thompson's possession. Possibly through that transaction, and the earlier one in which he initially obtained the land, I'll be able to learn more about his family history.

  2. Don't overlook the reference to Peter Bruce

    This deed deals with land which adjoined the property of Peter Bruce. In the will filed by a John Tomson in 1760 in Halifax County, he named Peter Bruce as one of his executors. That raises the possibility that there's a connection between the 1760 will and the land transactions above.

    If you have questions about the information you find here, or you can add to it, please get in touch with me via e-mail at Glen Gallagher.

    These records come from a book published by Dr. Stephen Bradley on Halifax County, NC deeds. Specifically, the records come from his book, "The Deeds of Halifax County, North Carolina, 1771-1786.


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