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Thompson Family

Halifax County, NC

State Records of North Carolina, 1784

Extracted below are proceedings from the North Carolina House Session of Saturday, May 29, 1784. This record identifies John Thompson of Halifax County as one of the individuals named under the state's Confiscation Laws

In 1778 a John Thompson in Halifax County, NC had deeded his property into trust apparently to provide support for his family due to his status under the state's laws.


A Bill to amend and reduce to system the Confiscation Laws now in force in this State

Whereas, by Laws of this State now in force all the Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments, Negroes and other Estates, real and personal which were on the fourth of July in the year of our Lord one Thousand seven hundred & seventy-six, and at any time since, the property of the following persons, to wit:

William Tryon and Josiah Martin, Esquires: Sir Nathaniel Duckenfield, Henry Eustace......(continuing list of names)....Andrew Mille., Alexander Telfair, Hugh Telfair, John Thompson, Jno. Hamilton, Archibald Hamilton late of Halifax, Geo. Alston, late of Granville....(the list continues)

.....are forfeited and confiscated and ordered to be sold to and for the use of the State: And also, whereas the Estates of others of certain descriptions set forth in the said laws, are declared to be confiscated and ordered to be sold for the use of the State,


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