DARKE cO., oHIO Photographs

 *New Photos added June 22, 2008

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    The photographs listed below were collected through the work of Bernice (Bonham) Koonce and  Kathleen (Shillingburg) Strock.  It was through Bernice's work on the Bonham family that I was finally able to confirm the connections I had located with my wife's Bonham family ancestry.  I believe the pictures are predominantly of individuals who had ties to the Darke County, Ohio area.  Based on notes found on the pictures, I'm pretty sure that some of the individuals may have lived in nearby Jay County, Indiana.  Others I believe migrated to northern Alabama.

    I'd certainly be glad to hear from anyone who's familiar with any of the individuals in the pictures.  I'll add additional biographical information if you send it along.

bernice & beatrice bonham  The photographs in this collection were gathered by Bernice (Bonham) Koonce.

* bernice & beatrice bonham Photographed in 1915, Harriman, Tennessee

Uriah Bonham  Born Dec. 1, 1821 in New Jersey and died Feb. 11, 1886 in Darke County.

Susan (McClain) bonham, wife of uriah  Born July 22, 1835 in Pennsylvania and died November 15, 1866 in Darke County.

George and amanda (bonham) hanes 

*jerome cunningham family 

*charles gannt Born ca. 1884 in Indiana

Martha (bonham) lewis and husband 

* five hapner's I don't know how the Hapner's are related to the rest of these people.  Any clues would be appreciated.

* maude scovile garber (and husband?)  Taken June 28, 1907

*charlotta cogswell 

*"aunt" jane hawkins  Jane Condon - sister - Mack Condon.

"uncle" Barris condon  Brother of Janie Condon

*Grandpa and gramma condon  John Condon (1827-1911) and Sarah (Owens) Condon (1836-1915)

*Grandma condon Sarah (Owens) Condon (1836-1915)

*Grandpa condon and dick bonham

* Carrie stone and bertha lockhart 

* frank tillson  I have no idea who this is.

juna hanes  Born Dec. 1, 1883, died Sept. 13, 1967 Darke Co.  Wife of William Lightner

J. Mack & dulcena (bonham) condon  

edna condon &Edna Condon baby picture 

Bernice condon Daughter of J. Mack & Dulcena (Bonham) Condon

*albanis H. condon  West Milton, Ohio

*jennnie condon

* charles racer 

*roy hapner 

francis weisenbarger 

grandmother mcclain and grandchildren  Ruth Weisenbarger, Loyd, LeRoy, Paul Weisenbarger.