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1870 Census

Lawrence Co., Kentucky

Copyright © 1997-1998 by Glen Gallagher

These pages are compiled from a transcription of the 1870 Lawrence County census which I did in 1983 from the National Archive microfilms. I've listed the pages just as they were done in the original census.


As you'll see, when I transcribed the web pages, I captured a limited set of information -- sorry 'bout that. What I picked up for every individual was their page number, name and age. Unfortunately I did not pick up the birthplaces, occupations, etc. But as I mentioned, the record contains everyone -- not just heads of households.

In reading the census, the practice I used when recording unnamed infants was to identify them as either "Infant F." or "Infant M."; letting the F indicate female and M indicate male as recorded by the census taker. The ages of infants in this census were given in months. I have included those as fractions with the divisor of 12. For example, a child recorded in the original census as four months old, is listed in this transcription with an age of "4/12".

If you come across names on the census pages that you think I may have recorded incorrectly, I'd appreciate hearing about it. The microfilm copy I have for this census is in very good shape. There were several names though that I simply just couldn't make out because of the script. And I may have made a few plain old mistakes somewhere in the roughly 8600 entries that are on the microfilm.


I've put up a web page for each census page, from 191 through 305 as listed in the microfilm. There are several pages which have no content, and I haven't included them here. I've also provided an index which include all names with their page number indicated. Find your ancestor in the index, and then go to Page Selection to view the individual page's listing.


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