Blair School

 34th & Renick, St. Joseph, Missouri

ca. 1938

The first two photographs below are school class photos which include my mother, Sue (Ullery) Gallagher.  My guess is that the pictures were taken around 1938.  That guess is based the fact that my mother was born in 1929, and in the picture immediately below she appears to be about eight or nine years old.  My mother is the girl who's third from the left end of the back row.

The third photo below was forwarded to me by Bruce Fleischer who attended the Blair School and recognized it when he saw my mother's class pictures.  Bruce provided a relatively complete legend to his class photo.  If you're familiar with this school or any of the people in the photos, you may want to contact Bruce Fleischer via e-mail.

St. Joseph, MO 70 KB

The picture above has the names, Sherman, Richard and Sue Ann written on the back.  I believe "Sherman and Richard" must be the two boys standing at the left end of the back row immediately to the left of my mother.

The picture above has names for the students written on the back -- unfortunately the list contains just first names and last name initials as follows:

First Row (Back Row)

Carol W, Jhon D, Jhon C, Betty K, Norman L, William W, Sherman C, Robert J, Charlie D

Second Row

Sue Ann U (my mother), Betty S, Charlene F, Doris D, Harold W, Mary Ann M, Veron S, Iona A/F?, Shirley M

Third Row

Norman V, George H, Billie W, Rose, Norma H, Willma D, Victor B, Joy P

There are no names listed for the children in the front, seated row, nor for those at the right end of the third row.  

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