The following information appeared in the Out of the Past column authored by Byron T. Morris, a columnist for the "Wayne County News", the newspaper of Wayne County, West Virginia. The information below was in Mr. Morris' column of December 18, 1980

By Bryon T. Morris

As far as I know, there has been no complete list of Confederate soldiers from Wayne County(West Virginia), although we have carried in the past, the rosters of several Confederate companies. In listing the men from Wayne County that served the southern cause in the Civil War, there may be some duplication due to transfer of men from one unit to another.

The 8th Va. Cavalry in the early stages of the war, played an important role along the northern border of the south. In this regiment were two companies that were almost totally Wayne Countians with a sprinkling of Cabell County men.

Company K, sometimes known as the Big Sandy Rangers, had many well known Wayne County men in it.

The commissioned officers in Co. K in the early part of the war were Joseph M. Ferguson, Capt.; Samuel S. Vinson, first Lieutenant; Samuel J. Ferguson, second Lieutenant; and William E. Wilkinson, third Lieutenant. Col. J.M. Corns was the regimental commander at the time.

A part of Co.K of the 8th Regiment were Noah Adkins, Winchester Adkins, Harmon Artrip, Noah Artrip, John L. Billups, F.M. Bing, David Bates, Charles Booth, Burwell Booth, F.M. Booth, David Bowen, J.L. Bowen, Carr (Kiah?) Burch, D.C. Canady, Fred Canady, J.M. Corns, J.M. Corns Jr., William Dyer, Harvey Ferguson, H.E. Ferguson, Jefferson Ferguson, Samuel Ferguson, Thomas Ferguson, Wayne B. Ferguson, Anderville Frasher, Granville Frasher, Granville Frasher, Halt Frasher, Lewis Frazier, Nathan Frasher, W.H. Frasher, John W. Harvey, J.C. Lambert, James Lambert, James Martin, Jep Meek, Jesse Meek, William Meek, Jack Miller, David Murphy, Thomas Newton, Walter Osburn, John Pelphrey, Brideger Perdue, William David Peters, Garred Peters, John N. Peters, Noah J. Peters, Samuel Pratt, William Pitt, Aley Preston, Dennis Preston, Goodwin Preston, Henry Preston, John Pratt, P.D. Roser, William Sands, Hardin Scaggs, A.M. Smith, Dave Smith, David Smith, Eldridge Smith, G.W. Smith, Henry Smith, James Smith, J.C. Smith, Richard Smith, Wesley Stephens, Henry Stewart, Marion Stone, Lon Toney, N.B. Toney, Wade H. Thompson, Owen Thompson, Francis M. Vinson, Lafayette Vinson, Samuel S. Wilson, George Vertegan, Dick Ward, John Walker, Pearley Walker, Obe Ward, James Ward, William Walker, John Weder, Beverly Wilkinson, William Wilkinson, Dock Watts, Graham Wilson, and Jack Wilson.

William Bowen, John Crum, David Crum, Lane Cartmill, John Carver, Joseph Collins, M.D. Damron, Samuel Damron, John Frederick, William Farris, Abe Ferguson, Arthur Ferguson, Dock Ferguson, Edward Ferguson, Tillman Ferguson, I.C. Hatten, Elisha Isaacs, Fielding Isaacs, John Isaacs, Neu Isaacs, William Isaacs, Jack Kelley, Harrison Matthews, Jeff Meek, Henry Smith, James Smith, Dick Smith, William Smith, John Thompson, Hans Watts, John Williamson, Alfred Workman, and Henry Hogg.

Company E of the 8th Va. Cavalry was recruited mostly in Cabell County and included A.G. Jenkins (later became Col.), J.M. Corns, A.H. Samuels, H.C. Everett, Robert Stribling, W.R. Gum, James Noonan, James Smith, Isaac Ong, John Thompson, Jesse B. Dodson, James D. Sedinger, James M. Wellington, George Burnside, John Beckwith, M.A. Rice, L.F. Belche, Fred Baumgardner, John Black, A.H. Chapman, Sylvestor Chapman, Theador Coke, John Cox, Calvary Conner, Jospeh Collier, Ferdun Crowder, Thomas W. Dodson, James Dundas, Edward Doyle, Isaac N. Dennison, John Deal, John E. Everett, Cyrena Emmons, F.W. Flowers, Samuel Ferris Nelson Fletcher;

Fletcher Garrett, Charles Golden, William Golden, William Bramlett, John Guthrie, Edward Guthrie, Isaac Honshell, George Heath, Thomas Harwood, William Harwood, Pat Hanley, Benjamin T. Hanley, A.A. Hanley, Dudley Holderby, James Hereford, William Hensley, Byrd Hensley, Lewis Henrick, Wm. Hannager, William Hensley, Joseph P. Hunley, Evan H. Hannan, George Hannan, DeKalb Hugh (?), S.H. Keenan, Walter Kinsolven, Charles Kelley, Jack Kelley, A.C. Kennedy, Charles Kingsolven, Wm. A. Jenkins, T. Jeff Jenkins, John Lynch, Wm. Lacy, D.C. Lovett, Albert Long, John Lloyd, Uriah Martin, John Mays, John McMahon, Henry Maupin, Wilson B. Moire, James W. Mitchell, John W. Mitchell, Charles McCallister;

John Moser, Ira J. McGennis, L.H. McGennis, Thomas Noel, Rodney Noel, Henry Newman, John W. Ong, Lewis Pine, James A. Poindexter, Henry C. Poteet, James Poteet, Marion Parrish, Muncie Pennypacker, George Pennypacker, George Pennypacker, Wm. H. Pennypacker, Benjamin Pennypacker, John W. Peyton, John Payne, John C. Pope, Daniel Ruffner, Oscar Ruffner, Andrew Ruffner, George N. Russell, A.G. Russell, John N. Russell, A.G. Ricketts, L.C. Ricketts, Joseph M. Reece, Charles Stevenson, Marcus Smith, H.N. Sexton, Charles Seamonds, Sampson Seamonds, Lemuel Wilson, Joseph Wilson, Charles Wilson, Oliver Wilson and Augustus Wilcott.

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