This information was taken from a partial list of members of the 5th Kentucky (Mounted) Infantry. I was interested in these records since they included members from Lawrence County, KY where my McCormick and Thompson family ancestors lived.

In collecting this information on the unit in which my gg-grandfather served, I discovered that there were three different units which were referred to as the "5th Kentucky". I received a nice explanation of that from Geoff Walden who has a site on the " Orphan Brigade" of Kentucky. My ancestor's "5th Kentucky" was not part of the Orphan Brigade. The Orphan Brigade contained one of the other "5th Kentucky's" If you want to learn more about the Orphan Brigade, you should check out the site that Geoff runs along with Laura Cook.

Partial list of members of 5th Kentucky (Mounted) Infantry
Brown, Geo. W.29 Oct 1861
Bailey, Jesse31 Oct 1861
Booth, John1 Nov 1861
Berry, J.L.

Cox, Geo. W.19 Oct 1861
Craiger, Harvey26 Oct 1861
Clifton, B.L.19 Oct 1861
Combs, Sylvester19 Oct 1861
Combs, Davis22 Aug 1862Captured
Clifton, Daniel19 Oct 1861
Davis, John19 Oct 1861
Daugheter, Isaac S.21 Oct 1861
Derring, Jno.12 Aug 1862Deserted
Duncan, C.R. or E.R13 Sep 1862Deserted
Dill, Solen27 Jul 1862
Dobyns, Henry B.28 Oct 1862
Emmons, Benj. W.28 Oct 1861
Emmons, Jas. H.28 Oct 1861
England, Richard26 Oct 1861
Forkner, Armistead28 Oct 1861
Forkner, Morton28 Oct 1861
Fuller, Benton19 Oct 1861
Frasier, Augustine19 Oct 1861
Fluty, David30 Dec 1861
Griffith, James19 Oct 1861
Griffith, John Sr.19 Oct 1861
Griffith, Robert19 Oct 1861
Griffith, David19 Oct 1861
Griffith, John Jr.29 Dec 1861
Glover, Jesse V.21 Oct 1861
Gibbs, James19 Oct 1861
Gardner, Albert B.24 Oct 1861
Godsey, A.C. or C.A.26 Mar 1862
Gibbs, Robt.27 Sep 1861Prisoner
Huffman, Henry E.19 Oct 1861
Huffman, Solomon19 Oct 1861
Huffman, Samuel3 Feb 1862
Huffman, Geo.3 Feb 1862
Huffman, Jacob13 Sep 1861
Huffman, Frank13 Sep 1861
Huffman, Joseph13 Sep 1861
Huffman, Aaron13 Sep 1861
Huffman, A.J.13 Sep 1861
Hewlett, Jno. A.19 Oct 1861
Hendrix, Jas. A.19 Oct 1861
Hatton, Geo. W.G.28 Oct 1861
Hanner, Robt. M.19 Oct 1861
Howe, Jos. H.21 Oct 1861
Hamlin, Chas.19 Oct 1861
Harrell, Wm.4 Dec 1861
Hall, S.F.27 Aug 1862Went to Davidson's Battery
Hackworth, Geo. W.19 Oct 1861
Hurst, J.N.

Jones, Alvin F.25 Oct 1861
Jordan, Jno.26 Oct 1861
Jones, J.F.19 Oct 1861
Jones, W.W.19 Oct 1861
Jones, Squire L.5 Nov 1861
Kissick, Hy R.28 Oct 1861
Kincaid, Jno.19 Oct 1861
Kouns, Geo.27 Aug 1862Prisoner
Lysle, Andrew B.21 Oct 1861
Lowry, J.W.21 Oct 1861
Lyons, Wesley19 Oct 1861
Morton, Wm.21 Oct 1861
Morton, Moses21 Oct 1861
Morton, James28 Oct 1861
Murray, Jas. V.21 Oct 1861
McLain, Jno. S.28 Oct 1861Discharged
McCormick, G.W.19 Oct 1861
McCormick, Meredith19 Oct 1861
McGuire, Jos.26 Oct 1861
Marcum, A.J.27 Dec 1861
Marcum, Wm.27 Dec 1861
Noland, N.D.25 Oct 1861
Perkins, Isaac S.25 Oct 1861

If you have questions about any of the above information, please get in touch with me at gallag70@fuse.net.

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