The following information appeared in the Out of the Past column authored by Byron T. Morris, a columnist for the "Wayne News", the newspaper of Wayne County, West Virginia. The information below was in Mr. Morris' column of October 2, 1980

By Bryon T. Morris

A native of Wayne County who now lives in Alexandria, Va., is Karl F. Hoback. He is much interested in Wayne County history as it pertains to the Civil War.

I don't think Karl will mind if I partially quote a recent letter to me because it contains some interesting information.

"I was finally able to complete going through the records for the 16th Virginia Calvary and its predecesor Ferguson's Battalion for the roster of the two Wayne County companies which I told you about in my previous letter.

"I've enclosed copies of the roster of Spurlock's Company of Ferguson's Battalion (later Co. E., 16th Reg.) and Ferguson's Co., Ferguson's Battalion (also later Co. H., 16th Reg.) and some additional information that was included with this material. As you can see, Ferguson's Battalion was not in existance too long until it was reorganized into the 16th Reg. With the formation of this Regiment a lot of men of Ferguson's old company transferred to a new company, Co. G, the 16th with Robert H. Parkes as Captain. Parkes was a member of the Ferguson's Co., and I guess he must have been from Wayne County (yes, he was from Big Hurricane, b.t.m.) I see in the 1850 census there were a couple of Parks families but don't see a Robert listed. Also, at this time some of the men of Ferguson's Bn., were transferred to a newly formed Co., D (2nd) in the 8th Reg.

"The locations given for various muster rolls of the 16th Reg. are of interest since it appears they were over in the eastern part of Virginia for a good period of time. I know that the 16th Regiment was part of Jenkins Brigade at Gettysburg (July, 1863), while the 8th Reg. was apparently left back in Southwestern Virginia.

"I would imagine that there might be a lot of interest in the original muster rolls for Spurlock and Ferguson Companies, as the men's ages are given and I think about all of them must have been from Wayne County. The more I get into this, the more it looks like Wayne was really Confederate County. If you have any idea of any other units that might have been raised in Wayne County, let me know and I'll look into it.

"I'm related to all the rest of the Hoback's in Wayne County. My father was raised on Whites Creek area and then moved to Huntington. His mother was a Pyles and the two Pyles in Spurlock's Company were her uncles.

" I agree with you that Wayne County history has been neglected for a long time, if I come across any more intersting material I will send it along."

The 16th Regiment of the Virginia Cavalry was formed Jan. 15, 1863, by the consolidation of five companies of Ferguson's (Guyandotte) Battalion and four companies of Caldwell's Battalion.

In the Regiment, Milton J. Ferguson was Colonel, William L. Greene, Lt. Col., and James H. Nouunan was major. Spurlock's Company of Ferguson's Battalion became Co. E, in the 16th Reg., and Ferguson's Company became Co. H.

Both Ferguson's and Spurlock's were mustered into service on Spet. 15, 1862, at Wayne Court House, Va. the muster rolls of these companies are, apparently, based on the original rolls.

With regard to the muster rolls for Co. E., there are these entries:

1) Dated Oct., 1863-March, 1864, location near Jefferston, Va.

2) Dated Oct., 1864, location New Ford, Page County, Va.

3) Dated Dec., 1864, location near Standardsville, Greene County, Va.

Muster rolls for Co. H were:

1) Oct., 1863-March, 1864, location not given.

2) Oct.,1864, location Milford, Page County, Va.

3) Dated Dec., 1864, location Standardsville, Greene County, Va.

Capt. H. Spurlock's Company of Ferguson's Battalion of Virgina Calvary (CSA)

Adkins, Enoch-19; Adkins, Greenville L.-35; Adkins, Hesacher-25; Allen, Adum-29; Bandy, Guy H.-33(Corporal); Bartram, Charles-45; Bartram, Enoch-18; Booth, Alonzo-17; Booth, Benjamin F.-20 (Corp.); Booth, Frances-18; Booth, Samuel-20; Booten, Freeling-18; Booten, Wesley-25; Childers, Royal-19; Childers, Shem-21; Christian, Andeveille-19; Collins, James M.-27; Crabtree, Abraham-35; Crabtree, Isiah-21; Crabree, Samuel-21; Crabtree, Soloman-28; Crabtree, Soloman T.-24; Crabtree, William-19; Crockett, John W.-25; Cyfers, Calvin-43 (Sgt.); Dean, Benj.-25 (Sgt.); Dean, Jacob-18; Deen, Joseph-30; Dean, Linsey-17; Deskins, William P.-16; Dickerson, Hiram-27; Farris, William-18; Ferguson, Abraham-17; Ferguson, Henry C.-18; Ferguson, John-33; Ferguson, Milton-24 (Pvt).

Ferguson, Samuel-26; Ferguson, Simpson-27; Ferguson, Thomas-35; Frasere, John C.-47; Frasher, George W.-16; Frasure, James M.-25 (Sgt.); Grizzle, Hiram-24(Sgt.); Hampton, Anthony-18; Hampton, Levi-23; Hampton, William-22; Hardy, John-28; Harrison, Archibald-24 (Lt.); Hutchison, Alfred-34; Jackson, Ira-31; Johnson, Matison-36; Lester, Urias-18; Lewis, Joseph-30; Luster, Elihu-43; Luster, James-21; Luster, Simon S.-23; Morris, James H.-33; Morrison, Frederick-36; Napier, John-19; Osburn, Joseph-18; Osburn, Robert-18; Osburn, Thomas-22; Piles, Hiram-23 (Sgt).

Piles, Valentine-21; Pinson, Allen-47; Pinson, George W.-16; Pinson, John H.-19; Plimsall, Marion-15; Plymond, Octovin-19; Robertson, Joseph-24; Sanson, Riley-31; Sanson, Andrew-35 (Cpl); Selard, David-35; Shorte, Caswell-21; Slone, Patrick-46; Smith, Alexander-18; Spurlock, Hurston-28 (Capt.); Spurlock, Sander-18 (Lt.); Spurlock, William E.-19; Stephens, Washington-20; Stephenson, Jefferson-18; Thompson, Laben-21 (Cpl); Walker, James-22; Vaughan, Abraham-21 (Cpl.); Walker, Percival S.-21 (Lt.); Watts, Alderson-16; Webb, Robert-19; Wellman, William-21; Wilson, Harmon-22; Workman, Alfred-21; Workman, Francis-19; Workman, Thomas-21.

(The number after the name is the age recorded at times of mustering in, i.e., Sept., 1862)

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