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My site has been inactive for about the last ten years. I'm currently (March 2017) in the process of building a new one to replace this, and hope to have it finished in the spring of 2017

This site contains some family history information I've collected over the years -- basically it's a genealogy site. I have added some Civil War information since it connected with a few of my ancestors. There are also some pictures of our kids and our ancestors here


LOCATIONS -My ancestors spent most of their time in Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Virginia. You can see some of my location specific records here.

PHOTOS - Pictures of my ancestors and our kids.

Updated March 2, 2009

SURNAMES -This will show you some of principal surnames that I've been researching. Updated May 14, 2000

RICHARD THOMPSON -I'm working on an "on line" research project with one of my ancestors, Richard Thompson (1742-1830)of Lawrence Co., KY. This Richard Thompson is most likely connected to the Thompson family which resided in Halifax County, NC. in the mid to late 1700's. If you happen to be connected to his family, I'd be glad to hear any questions or comments about the records I'm collecting. Updated August 8, 1999

CENSUS -About 20 years ago, I transcribed the 1870 census for Lawrence Co.,KY. I was trying to track down an elusive ancestor, Meredith McCormick. I didn't find him there. If it helps you, here's that transcription.

CIVIL WAR -Most of my web site deals with my family history. I have picked up some Civil War information related to some of my ancestors, and you can find that here.Updated February 19, 2000

LINKS -Some of the other places I'm interested in. Use my LINKS page if you want to get back to a WEB RING.


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"What's New"

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